On Monday 15 June, Heraklion Archaeological Museum is opening its doors to the public.


Monday and Wednesday - Sunday: 08:00 - 18:00

Tuesday: 10:00 -18:00.

From the 1st of December 2020: Monday and Wednesday - Sunday: 09:00 - 16:00 Tuesday: 10:00 -17:00.

Visitors are kindly requested to comply with the Museum safety rules to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  1. Distance of 2 meters between visitors should be kept.
  2. No waiting on the access ramp at the entrance to the Museum. The ramp is exclusively for the exit of visitors and for the entry and exit of persons with disabilities.
  3. No more than 30 people, including tour guides and escorts, are allowed in the area in front of the ticket office and the ticket cancellation machines. Visitors should form two groups of up to 15 people each in front of the ticket office and the ticket cancellation machines.
  4. Contactless credit and debit card payment is preferable.
  5. Please stand on the numbered floor markings while waiting in front of the ticket office and the ticket cancellation machines.
  6. Visitor and disabled entry and exit routes are clearly indicated by ropes and floor markings.
  7. All Museum visitors and staff must wear face masks or visors. Visitors should bring their own personal masks. The Museum does not provide face masks. Please note that people without protective face coverings will be refused entry.
  8. The maximum number of visitors permitted in the exhibition room is determined by current epidemiological data (1 person per 15 square meters). Organised tour groups may only number up to 10 people. If you are in a group, please stand on the numbered floor markings and keep your distance from each other and from the Museum guards.
  9. Tours are carried out exclusively with the use of portable wireless equipment (whisper systems) to avoid noise pollution and disturbing other visitors.
  10. The flow of visitors inside and outside the exhibition rooms is supervised by the Museum guards, who are responsible for the safe operation of the Museum and the prevention of crowding. Visitors and tour guides should follow the guards’ instructions.
  11. Due to the special circumstances, individual visitors and organized groups touring the exhibition area are kindly requested to respect the other visitors waiting at the entrance and keep moving, so as not to interrupt the flow of visitors and cause delays.
  12. No wheelchairs or baby strollers are available. The cloakroom is closed and only accepts luggage.
  13. The queue for the toilets is indicated by floor markings along the corridor leading to the toilets.
  14. Antiseptic hand gel dispensers are available for visitors and staff at the visitor entry and exit points and in the exhibition rooms.
  15. The Museum is fully compliant with air conditioning safety instructions.

Thank you for your understanding, please help us to keep you safe.