CHRISTMAS 2016 – CYCLE OF EVENTS: “THE MIRACLE OF LIFE” Activity: “The ship as symbol”

Activity 1.

Descriptive drawings of ships, inspired by renderings on ancient works of prehistoric Crete, were presented by students of the 5th Vocational Lyceum of Heraklion, with their teachers Yiota Kouvela, Eleni Liarou and Kostas Bras, as part of “The Miracle of Life” cycle of events. The students approached the symbol of the ship from an artistic point of view, producing a series of alternative drawings on display at the entrance to the Museum.

Activity 2.

Mr Manolis Vardakis sought the linear tracing of a ship in the shapes of trees and shrubs in the area of Kornia, Viannos. His quest resulted in the composition of an abstract ship, on display in the portico of the Museum portico. This vessel, with all the symbolism it carries, inspired by the drawings proposed by the students of the Vocational Lyceum of Heraklion, forms the focal point of various activities in the cycle of events entitled “The Miracle of Life”.

Activity 3.

What kind of gift should we give a newborn baby? Food, shelter, play, love, tenderness... Pupils of the 49th Primary School of Heraklion, under the guidance of archaeologist and educator Maria Chatzidaki, drew inspiration for gifts for the baby from the displays of the Heraklion Archaeological Museum. Their stylised presents were hung on the ship, marking the joyful news of a new birth and a happy new year.

We would like to thank the schoolchildren and their teachers for their views, their ideas and the inspirations they have given us, as well as the Viannos craftsman for his artwork. Their approaches and proposals are evidence of the multiple meanings of a traditional symbol connected to the joyful wish: