We are delighted to announce that the Heraklion Archaeological Museum has been awarded a Special Commendation in the European Museum of the Year Award Scheme (EMYA) of the European Museum Forum (EMF), held in Zagreb, Croatia, on 3-6 May 2017. The EMF Awards go to European museums that demonstrate a high level of professionalism and excellence in the experiential presentation of their collections, exploiting the possibilities offered by modern technology, and to the museums that attract a broader audience through various inclusive actions promoting European ideals and the wider benefit to society.


Gallery 9 of Heraklion Archaeological Museum displaying artefacts dating from the latest phase of the Knossos palace, as well as clay tablets in the Linear B script

The Ivory Bull-leaper and the Bull-leaping Fresco from Knossos (Gallery VI)

Posters of EMYA 2017 nominated museums at the Museum of Contemporary Art/Zagreb

The opening ceremony of the 40th Anniversary of the European Museum of the Year Award (EMYA) and the Council of Europe Museum Prize

             Introduction to EMYA 2017 – 40 years of Public Quality by Ms. Goranka Horjan, Chairperson of the European Museum Forum (EMF)

Introduction by Mr. Jose Gameiro, Chair of the EMYA Judging Panel

The EMYA Judges appreciated the vital importance of the Heraklion Archaeological Museum for its presentation of the ancient history of Crete through the new museological narrative created in the framework of the recent re-exhibition of its Collections, and praised the Museum initiatives to make historical knowledge available to different social groups through innovative activities.

Presentation of the Heraklion Archaeological Museum by the Director Ms. Stella Mandalaki

Interview of the Heraklion Archaeological Museum Director Ms. Stella Mandalaki by the EMYA Judge Ms. Jouetta Van der Ploeg

Joint photograph of the EMYA 2017 nominated museum˗representatives

The EMYA 2017 Award Ceremony

Heraklion Archaeological Museum awarded the EMYA 2017 “Special Commendation”

The Heraklion Archaeological Museum team with the EMYA Judge Ms. Marlen Mouliou

The Heraklion Archaeological Museum team with the EMF Secretary General Ms. Lila de Chaves, the Director of the Ephorate of Arkadia and the Archaeological Museum of Tegea Ms. Anna Karapanagiotou (“EMYA 2016 Special Commendation” winner) and the EMYA Correspondents Ms. Anna Vogli and Mr. J. Markakis

Joint photograph of the EMYA 2017 awarded museums

The EMYA 2017 “Special Commendation” awarded to the Heraklion Archaeological Museum


The Heraklion Archaeological Museum was also nominated, together with two other European museums, for the Council of Europe Award, recognising the European dimension of the Minoan civilisation uniquely showcased in the Museum.


The official European Museum Forum website listing the EMYA 2017 winners:  http://www.europeanmuseumforum.info/

List of the 46 nominees for EMYA 2017 http://www.europeanmuseumforum.info/emya/emya-2017/emya2017-nominees.html


We are particularly grateful to :

- the Regional Governor of Crete Mr. Stavros Arnaoutakis for the financial support of the Museum's participation in the competition

- the Historical Museum of Crete for facilitating the payment process

- the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Laboratory of ICS-FORTH for the 3D printing of the copy of the Minoan fresco presented at the interview

- the President of Hersonissos Group Hotels Mr. Kaloutsakis for his financial support at the registration fees and the transport and dispatch of the copy of the Minoan fresco to Zagreb