“SOUNDS OF THE MUSES: Musical journeys through the material testimonies of the past”. Stelios Petrakis

The Heraklion Archaeological Museum is inaugurating a cycle of musical performances in the exhibition rooms of the Museum in order to highlight the collections to the accompaniment of music. The cycle, under the general title of “SOUNDS OF THE MUSES: Musical journeys through the material testimonies of the past”, includes hour-long performances of works and improvisations, by solo instruments or small groups of musicians, “commenting on” selected exhibits.

For the first musical tour, musician Stelios Petrakis has chosen to meet an emblematic exhibit of the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, the stone sarcophagus from Haghia Triada in the Mesara, which is dated to c. 1400 BC and depicts rites in honour of the illustrious dead. Two musicians, one playing the aulos and the other the lyre, accompany two different acts of the funeral ceremony, the sacrifice of the bull and the libations of its blood in honour of the deceased respectively. The musical instruments represent two basic elements of the Minoan instrument repertoire: the seven-stringed lyre and the diaulos or double flute.

Stelios Petrakis will improvise in front of the stone sarcophagus, using three basic musical instruments of Crete: the lyra, the lagouto or lute, and the mandoura, a single-reed instrument, invoking the lost Minoan sound, in the “house of the Muses”.

Monday 25 July 2016, 18:30 – 19:30.
Heraklion Archaeological Museum, Room ΧII (“The World of the Dead”)

Stelios Petrakis: Cretan lyra, lagouto, Cretan mandoura