“SOUNDS OF THE MUSES: Musical journeys through the material testimonies of the past – Summer 2016”. Yannis Harkoutsis


The summer cycle of musical performances under the general title “SOUNDS OF THE MUSES: Musical journeys through the material testimonies of the past”, with hour-long performances of works and improvisations in front of selected exhibits of the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, is coming to a close.

In the fourth and final musical tour, the musician and scholar of the percussion instrument tradition of Crete Yannis Harkoutsis visits two Museum rooms that provide strongly acoustic “pictures”: the room with the inscription of the “Hymn of the Curetes” from the Temple of Dictaean Zeus at Palaikastro in East Crete (2nd-3rd cent. AD), and that containing the group of bronze shields from the Idaean Cave. The invocation in the inscription of the Great Kouros, a Cretan-born Zeus who dies and is reborn each year, echoed with the clangour of the dance of young men beating their shields, during their rite of passage into manhood.

Yannis Harkoutsis will play on various objects and membranophone instruments in an improvisational recreation of the acoustic dynamic of the exhibits associated with the Cretan-born Zeus, in an attempt to resurrect an imaginary dance by the multitude of young men who once called upon the Great Kouros.

Wednesday 10 August 2016, 18:30 – 19:30,

Heraklion Archaeological Museum, Room ΧV

Yannis Harkoutsis, traditional percussion instruments